Math 3-4 part problem

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Document Preview:, CyntIria3128/13 “‘-6:4SPM _ttor.BilaryClarlf~ -Appl_ge 2.5.5. 8Ii~ “”‘” survoyed t ~’BPO’U toams. 23 hlId….,..” 2/lhlId football, 1~,hlId . volloyball, II hlId soolball, 11.110Iloyball, 12hl1d fuolboll and voUoyOall-6 hlIdall_ U A/7 LotA =_,B;fl)Olball, C ~ voIIoyb8ll. How many had’only a soocerteam?(JJ , [rmany 110lloyball?7+>+-“3{-9 Howmanyhad exactly two teams’] o


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