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In Unit 4, there are three main topics, variation, inequalities, and linear equations. You will be exposed to all three topics by either formulating a response or commenting on a classmate’s response to each one. In your original response, you will choose one type of problem to solve and post a complete solution. Then, in your responses to two classmates, you will comment on posts which involve the other two types of problems. Original Response
1. The problems intended for use in this Discussion Board have been shared with you via Google Drive.  You should have received an email from your instructor that includes a link to the Excel document in your Google Drive listing the problems.  You can also access this Excel doc by clicking on “Drive” up on the top navigation bar of your gmail account.  Once you enter this document, select a variation, inequality or linear equation from the list and claim it by entering your name next to it.  This is a shared document so the only change you should make is to add your name to the problem that you choose. 2. Begin your response by typing the problem so that your classmates will know what problem you are solving. 3. Write a complete solution, showing all steps used in solving the problem. Explain each step as if you were the expert explaining it to a novice.
Responses to Classmates
4. Find the posts of two classmates who solved problems other than the type that you solved. In other words, if you solved a variation problem, you need to respond to a classmate’s formula problem and a classmate’s linear equation. Make sure that your responses to your classmates are substantive and advance the Discussion. You can check the classmate’s solution, show a different way to solve a problem, or help a classmate who has a question. The possibilities are endless.
Unit 4: Variation, Inequalities, and Graphing
Hi Great Class! There are two concepts that are very important in this week’s learning objectives:…


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