math 140 emergency assignment due in 5 hours

there are some questions from the book so you will DEFINITELY need the text book

THE TEXT BOOK IS : “Mathematical Excursions “, Aufmann, Lockwood, , Second Edition, Houghton Mifflin Company, 2007 (ISBN # 0-618-60853-2)

here is the assignment:

You will need to find John Conway s The Game of Life on the internet to do this lab.

1. Write 2- 3 paragraphs about the Game of Life. Do not cut and paste. Include at least the following:

a. Inventor and date

b. Rule of playing the game you and also the computers rules

c. What can be learned from playing the game

d. Anything else of importance

2. Play the game and record the results> Play the following scenarios

For the results tell me what ended up happening in each scenario. I do not need to now how many iterations it ran. Did the Blocks go to one pattern, did they oscillate between 2 or more patterns, did they die out and disappear, did they just stop.What happened after many iterations is what that I am interested in. You will want to run the game on fast or super fast to get to an end point.

a. 6X1 setup – 6 blocks across and 1 block high

b. 7/1 setup – 7 blocks across and 1 block high

c. 7 blocks across, one block high except left end which is 2 blocks high

d. 7 blocks across one block high except for each end – left is 2 blocks pointed up and right is 2 blocks high pointed down

e. Square composed of 4 blocks

f Square composed of 9 blocks

Come up with 4 other setups run and describe results for each of the 10 cases

3. Do problem # 56 on page 15 in the text

4. Do problem # 35 on page 28 of the text.

5. By 11:00 am a line has formed outside the crowded college bookstore. You ask the guard at the gate how long you can expect to wait. She provides you with the following information: She is permitted to let 2 people at a time enter the bookstore only after 6 people have left, students are leaving at a rate of 2 students per minute and she has just let 6 new students in. Also each student spends an average of 15 minutes gathering books and supplies and 10 minutes waiting in line to check out.

Currently 16 people are ahead of you in line. You know that it is a 10 minute walk to your noon class and you do not want to be late. Can you buy your books and still expect to make it to your noon class on time State you reasoning.

6. Three clocks in a train station give the following times: Clock A : 8:00

Clock B : 8:50, Clock C: 8:20. One clock is 20 minutes fast, One clock is slow, one clock is off by half an hour. What is the correct time?

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