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Here is the task. I was looking at ‘Scenario 2″.

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SUBDOMAIN 212.1 -NUMERACY, ALGEBRA, & GEOMETRY SUBDOMAIN 212.2 -PROBABILITY, STATISTICS, & QUANTITATIVE PROBLEM SOLVING Competency 212.1.2: Solving Algebraic Equations -The graduate solves algebraic equations and constructs equations to solve real-world problems. Competency 212.2.1: Applying Probability and Statistics -The graduate understands and applies elementary probability and statistics concepts and knows the relationship between them and sampling and inference. Competency 212.2.3: Interpreting and Communicating Quantitative Information -The graduate interprets documents and materials containing quantitative information and effectively communicates mathematical arguments and quantitative results. Competency 212.2.4: Applying Technology to Quantitative Problems -The graduate uses appropriate technological tools, including regular and graphing calculators, databases, and/or statistical analysis programs, to solve problems involving computation, graphical information, and informational technology in a wide range of areas. Introduction: “Mathematical literacy is an individual’s capacity to identify and understand the role that mathematics plays in the world, to make well-founded judgments, and to use and engage with mathematics in ways that meet the needs of that individual’s life as a constructive, concerned, and reflective citizen” (2003). Individuals encounter countless situations in day-to-day life that require a strong mathematical foundation in order to make informed decisions. Shown below are four real-world scenarios that one might encounter in day-to-day life. For this task you will choose one of the scenarios below. Each situation requires a mathematical comparison of cost options in order to determine which is best for a consumer (e.g., customer or person). Scenario 1: A parent is looking for the best option for daycare for a child. A home-based option charges a flat rate per hour. A center-based option charges a fixed fee per week for a certain number…

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