Deciding to move from one country to another is not an easy task. Endless factors must be taken into consideration so that your quality of life and that of your family is not affected. It is to start from scratch since, in the country of origin; you leave your assets, your memories, your customs and even your family.
Adapting to a new culture, customs and norms implies practically becoming a new person and achieving legality in labor, social and academic matters is also an arduous task that must be done since due to ignorance of the legal status of the destination country, may violate rules and carry social, administrative and even criminal penalties.

If you live in Dubai and have decided to immigrate to Canada, you can count on the advice of the Vazir Group, an organization that will be responsible for planning your canada immigration from dubai, which will generate the least trauma to you and your family.
It has two emblematic programs designed according to what Canada has stipulated in immigration matters: the permanent residence entrepreneur program and the foreign worker program. They are adaptable to your family’s needs.
Regardless of your nationality, creed, race, or culture, Canada offers foreigners wishing to live in its territory the possibility of obtaining a temporary renewable residence or permanent residence. This is as long as the person helps with his business venture or with work to the economic growth of the nation.
Vazir Group helps you in your Canada immigration from dubai first, to open all the necessary doors to get the legal documentation to settle and secondly, to follow all the necessary steps to start a business, for example, look for rentals of commercial premises, suppliers, etc.; in the case of the permanent residence entrepreneur program, or to look for the best job, in the case of the Foreign worker program.
Your Canada immigration from dubai is guaranteed with Vazir Group.