Most of those who apply for permanent resident cards do not need to give their biometrics. However, as per the information with the best immigration consultants in dubai, there might be a need to give biometrics if

• You were less than 14 years when your application for permanent residence was received
• If the new requirements for biometrics were in effect for nationals from your country by 2018
• You are older than 14 years and at the moment you are applying for a new permanent resident card, a renewal for a permanent resident card, or a replacement of a permanent resident card.
Once you are done with paying for the biometrics and application fees, you will be able to get the biometric instruction letter which will direct you to a list of collection service points for biometrics which you can choose from. You will need to bring the BIL with you to the service point of biometric collection. There is no way you are going to give your biometric without this particular letter.
Since July 31, 2018, biometrics is a requirement for applicants from Africa, the Middle East, and Europe. For those from the Asia Pacific, Asia and America, the implementation for biometrics was from December 31, 2018.
Collection points for biometrics
The best immigration consultants in Dubai will give you all the information you require in regard to biometrics. All the permanent residency applicants need to give their biometrics at a VAC, a visa application center or an ASC, which is an application support center. You will have to make an appointment in advance so that, by the time you are going for your biometric, you don’t miss out. It will also help you to prepare yourself psychologically.